Monday, 4 May 2009

Cupcake Liners

I recently discovered cupcake liners are now coming in reusable silicone. I know this is good for the environment and all, but there's something about the good old fashioned paper cupcake liners that I really love. I remember as a kid peeling the cupcake liners off the cupcakes and scraping down their sides, making sure I ingest every cupcake crumb, no survivors.
And paper cupcake liners can be recycled!
Another great thing about disposable cupcake liners is that you can buy them themed. They come in all different varieties, there are Christmas cupcake liners and Hanukkah ones, there are Halloween liners and birthday cupcake liners. Plus I like the way they form to the cupcake. They become the cupcake.

I know this may sound silly, but eating cupcakes is an experience and is not to be taken lightly. It actually makes people happy, and I think part of it is peeling away those cupcake liners. You can get them in pink, blue and yellow and white. I'm not talking about the foil cupcake liners, I'm talking about the the paper ones!

I'm pretty sure whole foods even sells them made from recycled paper. All I'm saying is this: new kitchen gadgets are good. But cupcake liners are just too traditional. You can't replace them. I just love seeing a table full of used cupcake liners and happy, smiling people.

I know in the midst of the earth's current situation maybe I'm being a little bit too nostalgic about my baked goods, but I'm speaking from the heart. I love cupcake liners and I'm not afraid to admit it. The cupcake papers that make my mouth water and my feet tingle. Yes, I have a crazy physical reaction to all things having to do with baked goods. I just found out about the silicone liners and I was taken aback and here I am venting about my love for paper cupcake liners. Maybe I'm over reacting (probably) but I really do love 'em. Three cheers for cupcake liners.

What are your thoughts on the whole cupcake liners situation?


  1. hey I feel the same abt ccake liners, nothing beats them. Im buying them all the time, afraid of missing out on not having them all. But here in Aust we dont have much to choose from. Smiles to you as smiles to me when I see cupcakes with happy and pretty liners.

  2. I took several cooking/food science classes at a University and we tested the outcome of cupcakes baked in different types of cookware. The silicone produced the worst tasting cupcakes. Since the silicone is dark the bottoms of the cupcakes came out dark and they seemed more spongy. The entire class agreed that paper liners in aluminum cupcake tins produced the best tasting cupcakes.

  3. i think you guys should try eating the liners with the cupcakes. IT"S THE BOMB!