Saturday, 11 September 2010

Cupcake Boxes

photo courtesy of sugar craft by rosie

I've always loved baking for other people's special occasions. I like to know that my baked goods can bring a smile to someone's face and make their day a little brighter. Since I was young I was the resident baker for birthdays, holidays, and anything else. Pretty soon I began baking for extended family, and then family friends, and after that it just took off! Cupcakes were always a big hit and most requested. The problem I was constantly running into was how to get the cupcakes from my kitchen to the location without making a huge mess! For a while I insisted on frosting my cupcakes when they were already at location but this wasn't a great solution. Luckily, there are other ways to solve the problem.
Cupcake boxes!
These are boxes that are specifically designed for transporting cupcakes. They make cupcake boxes for individual cupcakes, and cupcake boxes for up to a dozen. These generally are two leveled boxes. The top level will have a hole cut out to fit a standard sized cupcake perfectly.
There are also many companies that make cupcake boxes and sell the cupcake holders separately. It's important to buy both from the same company so they fit right. Cupcake boxes that are all wobbly won't be very good at transporting your cupcakes.
Cupcake boxes with holders protect cupcakes from moving in the box and therefore prevent a mess. These are also sometimes called cupcake carriers. The best way to figure out which cupcake box is right for you is to just do a little bit of research. is the perfect place to do that, as you will find many different manufacturers and customer ratings. I personally like BRP box shop cupcake boxes. They're very attractive which I always think is important. Especially when making cupcake for a living, you want to present your client with the best looking cupcake box which should reflect what's inside - your cupcakes!
If you're up for a project it's not difficult to make your own cupcake boxes from scratch. All you need is some good quality card stock, scissors, and some glue. After you construct your own boxes, it's simply to make cupcake holders that are customized to fit directly into your cupcake boxes. This is a great project for kids, especially when they've made cupcakes for a grandparent or other family member. They can decorate the cupcake boxes with magic markers, glitter, crayons, stickers, or anything else!
I've had a lot of inquiries as to how to transport cupcakes, so to anyone who was wondering I hope this helps. Who would have thought that there would be boxes made specifically for cupcakes!?
I hope you enjoyed reading about cupcake boxes and come back soon for more recipes, decorating tips, and everything else cupcakes!


  1. :) cupcake boxes...Great ideia!!!i like it!

  2. This is perfect for giveaways. I love this idea. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your cupcake recipes look soooooo delish! Love your blog! Have a happy day today! xoxo Kim